We are DR Investprop, Inc., dba DR Investment Properties, a real estate investment company formed in 2011 by investors David Tigner and Robert Clark. In the beginning, we focused primarily on Cooperative Assignment Lease Purchasing (see below for more details), a program where the company essentially becomes both a buyer and seller simultaneously, assigning the terms of the lease purchase agreement between the company and the seller to an end tenant-buyer. During this time, we also offered a program known as "assignment wholesaling" where a purchase and sale agreement between the company and the seller is assigned to an end-buyer but this program was eventually scrapped.

In 2014, operations of the company were put on hold as Mr. Tigner and Mr. Clark pursued other endeavors. Mr. Tigner became a licensed Realtor associated with William Raveis Real Estate and Mr. Clark became a Burger King manager and left the company. During this time, Mr. Tigner used his experience in real estate investment and lease purchases at DR Investprop, Inc. to help establish his career as a Realtor with William Raveis, closing several transactions involving both lease purchases and outright sales.

Then, In 2015, DR Investprop, Inc. was taken out of "suspended animation" with the introduction of our new cash buying program (for more information, see our other website, and also renewed seller interest in the Cooperative Assignment Lease Purchasing program.

2016 - the newest chapter in DR Investment Properties (aka "Dr. I") is being written. It is the dawning of a new age. The wholesale "engines" are running and the "lots" of are being filled with homes all throughout CT and that number is changing as they are lease optioned and sold and new listings come in. Also, we are pleased to announce the newest member of the company, lease option specialist and off market marketing coordinator, Ronald Ward. The 'R' in 'DR' is back. And this is only the beginning. The "seeds" for out-of-state expansion have been planted (NY, NJ, RI, PA, DE, MA, VA, MD, DC) and much more...



Cooperative Assignment Lease Purchasing

DR Investment Properties can arrange the lease purchasing of properties by assigning a Lease with Exclusive Option to Purchase agreement between the owner and the company to an end tenant-buyer. During this arrangement process, the property could be listed for sale or lease purchase to potential tenant-buyers with any commission paid not by the seller but instead by the company from the proceeds of the assignment fee with a listing agreement between the company and the broker. Thus, the seller could get the benefits of listing with a broker but without the commission costs. As for potential tenant-buyers, we pre-qualify them and also work with them to help them restore and rebuild their credit (if necessary) to help them obtain permanent financing for the property. Most tenant-buyers should qualify in 6-18 months. We will help them throughout the process until the house is in their name. We seek serious tenant-buyers who just, for whatever reason, need a little time to get their credit in good enough order to buy the house. There are many more benefits for both the TENANT-BUYER and the SELLER. If you are an INVESTOR, we can provide you with a virtual franchise for Cooperative Assignment Lease Purchasing (states other than CT only - currently NY, NJ, MA, RI, PA, DE, VA, MD, DC). Looking for work ? We are hiring ! Contact Us for more information. Also, please be sure to visit our other website, for outright sale investment and personal residence properties (plus much more).


Today, with Mr. Tigner as both an investor and a Realtor, more services are offered to buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords, landlord-sellers, tenant-buyers and investors than ever before. Just what are all of these ?

  • Cash buying of investment properties
  • Cash sales of investment properties
  • Listing for Rent, Sale and/or Lease Purchase
  • Buyer, Tenant and/or Tenant-Buyer representation
  • Cooperative Assignment Lease Purchasing
  • Credit restoration programs
  • Lender referral services


If you have read through the information on this site and still have questions, please CONTACT US with any questions you may have.